Christian Pearson

Who am I?

I am someone who is always learning something new.

My core values include:

  • Relationships: Communication is the master key to connection.
  • Wisdom: Deciding what to do, not just knowing how to.
  • Curiosity: Always questioning the "why" behind everything.
  • Health: Ensuring I am physically able to meet any adventure.
  • Competency: Becoming effective in any situation.
  • Openness to Experience: Courage in the face of uncertainty.

Human civilization only recently became a truly globalized society. While science and technology have given us untold wonders, we are also in a period of danger: powerful emerging technologies have the potential to disrupt the society we have created. For this reason, I am interested in helping to mitigate large scale problems, especially existential risk.

My goal is to work with organizations whose mission is to reduce risks related to AI safety and biotechnologies.

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Toastmasters Achievements

April 2022 - Present
Edmonton Advanced Toastmasters Club


Working with a mentor to achieve goals in technical communication.

April 2022 - Present
Capital Communicators Toastmasters Club


Attending biweekly digital meetings, taking meeting roles as needed.

September 2017 - May 2020
Achievers Toastmasters


Attended and hosted interview-style, traditional, and business meetings.

Dec 2017 - Jun 2019
Achievers Toastmasters


Recorded and distributed business meeting minutes. Voted on club Executive Team decisions.

June 2018
Toastmasters International

Competent Communicator

May 2018

Attended District Conference in Vancouver

Notable Speech Projects

April 2022
Capital Communicators Toastmasters Club

"Your Second Brain"

Based on How To Take Smart Notes, I outline how I employ the Zettelkastin note-taking method.

June 2018
Achievers Toastmasters

"My First Pentest"

Oct 2017
Club Bilingue d'Edmonton


Sep 2017
Club Bilingue d'Edmonton


Presented an educational speech about Saturn's moon Titan, based on a university report that I wrote.

May 2017
MacEwan University

"A Revolution In Wastewater Treatment"

Presented my final year Industrial Chemistry technology proposal.

May 2017
MacEwan University

Science-Business Collaborative Presentation

Februrary 2017
Club Bilingue d'Edmonton

Icebreaker Speech

Communication Skills



Public Speaking


Technical Communication


Record Keeping


Time Management


Meeting Facillitation


Interest-Based Learning

August 2021
Nathanial Drew - SkillShare

How to Speak Confidently On Camera: A Guide for Content Creators

A great class that covers how to convey your message effectively when producing content for an audience.

July 2021
Chris Voss

The Art of Negotiation Masterclass

Studied Chris Voss' book and Masterclass "The Art of Negotiation".

January 2021
SkillShare Class

How To Study For Exams: An Evidence-based Masterclass

Ali Abdaal's SkillShare class covers how to learn anything more effectively, using strategies that actually work. Methods include taking Smart Notes, spaced-repetition, interleaving, and the retroactive revision timetable. I have summarized the lessons from the class for your benefit.


Fields of Interest

Existential Risk

Biological Safety

Infectious Disease

Mid Term Goals

My short to mid-term goal is to work with an organisation that addresses global issues.

Long Term Goals

Long-term, I would like to work directly on problems like existential risk, especially AI Safety, or biosafety.


Feb 2020 - May 2020
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Physiology & Medical Terminology

I completed two classes as pre-requisites for the Medical Lab Technology program at NAIT, that reviewed physiology and medical terminology.

Feb 2013 - Apr 2017
University of New England

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

I acquired my bachelor's with a major in Chemistry. I was only one class short of a minor in Microbiology due to restrictions of the program which capped off my degree.


May 2018 - Oct 2018
Symbol Design Inc

Consulting Scientist

With Symbol Design I managed inventory and lab space to research and produce cosmetic perfumes. This included autonomously performing chemical extractions and distillation to create viable raw materials. I also ordered commercial supplies in production quantities to produce over 300 saleable products that were later put up for purchase in a local store.

Sep 2017 - May 2018
Exova (Element)

Laboratory Technician

As a lab technician, I met tight client turnaround times for rush samples while accurately performing test methods from standard procedures. I routinely loaded, operated, and automated GCMS tests. I also prepared samples, buffers, and reagents to industry-certified standards.

Jun 2017 - Sep 2017
Samuel Mugo, MacEwan University

Research Assistant

During my time with Sam, I independently designed and conducted experiments in polymer, analytical, and electrochemistry for an NSERC Discovery Grant funded project. This included the preparation of samples for SEM-EDX, potentiometry, voltammetry, and spectrophotometry. I also wrote technical progress reports and drafted manuscripts for journal submission.

Jul 2016 - Oct 2016
University of New England

Research Assistant

I volunteered as a research assistant, which involved the synthesis of macrocyclic ligands with Dean Woods (PhD candidate). I devised reactions, set up and maintained experiments, and worked up/analyzed reaction products.

Jun 2015 - Sep 2015
University of New England

PASS Chemistry Facilitator

As a PASS facilitator, I led peer study sessions in the discipline of Chemistry. This included designing worksheets, planning content delivery, and assisting students with problems. I also directed student attention to important areas of the course.

Scientific Skills

Science Communication


Technical Writing






Samples of Work

Capacitive De-Ionization Experiment

Capacitive De-Ionization Experiment

Lab Work
Kema Oil Separation

Kema Oil Separation

Lab Work
Kema Scents

Kema Scents




Apr 2019 - June 2021
Computer Emporium

Computer Technician

I troubleshooted, repaired, and optimized Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. This includes managing customer expectations and experiences in a small company environment, and generating leads to further company business. Upon leaving my role, I wrote a training document for future technicians.

Nov 2018 - Aug 2021
Fort St John Public Library

Library Clerk

Working in library circulation provided me the opportunity to continue to develop my communication and technical skills, often outside of my job description.

With my IT background, I have had the opportunity to assist in troubleshooting Linux server issues that affect patrons' use of public computers. I have worked with both library and outsourced IT staff to resolve downtime, while also handling patron interactions and normal library operations.

I have provided suggestions to improve the security of the library IT systems, including the use of password managers, secure erase tools and recommendations on security policy.

Aug 2018 - Present
Project Based on Github

C# & Python Programmer

I have created projects on Github with the aim of developing C# and Python programming skills by working with and learning from 3 experienced mentors. This includes contributions to two Unity projects, including on-going development of a personal Unity project.




Microsoft Suite


Desktop Support


Malware Removal


Data Recovery


Hardware Diagnosis




Scripting / Programming





Jan 2018 - Present
Self-Directed Study

Self-Study in Linux, IT & Programming


I aim to be well-rounded


Feb 2022 - Present
Apple House

AirBnB Property Manager

Assisting AirBnB owner with operations, client liaison, and housekeeping.

Feb 2021 - Present
Flashcode Animations

Project Manager - TBA YouTube Animation Project

Assisting with the production of a new Blender animation video. Project ongoing, and currently pre-release.

Feb - March 2022
Imogen Dean Speech Language Pathology

Freelance Video Editing

Worked with Imogen Dean to create an educational video for her book, "Easy For You To Say!".


2016 - Present
YouTube Channel

Stemist - YouTube Channel

On my YouTube Channel, I occasionally upload piano videos.

2017 - Present

Piano Night Open-Mic

Performed at informal open-mic events.

2014 - Present

Public Piano Performances

I regularly play piano in public settings, including Calgary and Edmonton airports, universities, and colleges in Australia and Canada.

Dec 2019

Hosted Second Family Piano Recital

Acted as Master of Ceremony, and performed throughout event.

MJ Café Crepe

Cafe Pianist

Paid piano gig at local café.

Dec 2017

Hosted First Family Christmas Piano Recital

Booked facility, designed setlist, created handouts, and performed for family.

2003 - 2010
Jennifer Warnock (Teacher)

Private Piano Lessons


2012 - 2016
Armidale Integrated Warrior Arts


Attended weekly "tactical fitness" conditioning, circuit, and martial arts classes.

Armidale, NSW, Australia

Adrenal Stress Training

Received Adrenal Stress Training with Nick Wyborn.

Armidale, NSW, Australia

Wolve's Combatives Warrior Weekend

Received hand-to-hand combatives training at 2-day seminar.

February - June 2012
New England Technical and Further Education (TAFE)

Certificate III in Fitness

Studied and received Cert III in Fitness, allowing running of group fitness classes.

Other Activities

2015 - Present


2019 - Sold Painting at Local Cafe

2011 - 2014
NSW State Emergency Service

Deputy Communications Officer

2012 - Certificate II in Public Safety

2011 - Land Search Training

2011 - First Aid Training

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Student Pilot License

Learning and Activism

May 2022 - Jun 2022
Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism Educational Cohort

Attending 8 week educational cohort. Completing readings of the books Doing Good Better, and The Precipice. Attending video calls to discuss learned concepts.

Other Skills



Radio Communications


Amateur Astronomy


Mountain Biking




First Aid


Oil Painting


German Language



Video Editing

Imogen Dean Speech Language Pathology Educational Video

Imogen Dean Speech Language Pathology Educational Video


YouTube Channel

Stemist YouTube Channel

Stemist YouTube Channel